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B-Boots! The Best Exercise Boots For Flat and Pole Work.
The Stunning Photography Skills of Lucy Morton Photography
Trot Pole Exercise Variation of The Bat from AML Equestrian App
Breaking in Fluffy Young Warmbloods & Turning them Into Beautiful Performance Horses
Teaching Young Horses To Be Confident
Breaking Horses In Kindly
Using Poles Exercises To Create More Stride Length In Horses
Trot Pole Training Pattern “The Pirate”
Training Programs That Provide More Than Just A Trot Pole Pattern
Canter Pole Exercise
Kick On Showjumps Sample Of Their Fabulous Poles
One Of My Legend Dressage Queens Riding A Raised Line Of Poles To Perfection!
My First Thoroughbred The Legend “Noddy”
Horse Deals Article For Trainer Of The Month
Trot and Canter Pole Options for Triangles
Trot and Canter Pole Options For Riding a Square
Kinnordy Gosina
The Bravest Horse I Ever Owned.. “Noddy” in the Open Novice at Wyena 20 Odd Years Ago..
AML Poles Clinics Where We Teach The Horses To Dance
Trot & Canter Pole Exercise Using 4 Poles
Once Upon A Time…
Helping Horse Riders Gain Better Connections With Their Horses
Trail Riding Exposure For Green Horses
Poles Clinics at Kilmore VIC
Starting Young Horses For Eventing
Poles Clinics For All Disciplines, Ages and Breeds
My Little Weirdo’s Second Start #Irishstorm
18 Poles Training Exercises & 2 Jumping Exercises

Sharon Atkins using one of my raised poles exercises on a curve to help build strength, improve balance and polish her connection with the magnificent Gus!