Equitana Australia 2021

Poles Training Exercise For Jumping – Trot Pole Distance = 1.35m Distance between triangles = 12feet (Leave a little extra room for take off/landing in the canter. Bounce pole to triangle is 9 feet.


Kick On Showjumps – Provided my colour coded set of poles
Poles Training Exercise For Dressage. Trot Poles Distance = 1.30m Canter Poles Distance = 8feet, Walk Pole Distance = 80cm

Lauren Wilson founder of The Equestrian Diary on CK as my Dressage demo rider.
Tights and tops provided by Horse In The Box from Yarra Glen VIC. Their signature brand of Epona. Saddle Pad and dressage bandages provided by Saddleworld Tack Box, Tyabb Vic. Big thanks to both of these generous sponsors.