Equestrian Training Programs

Do you struggle to think of different exercises to use in your daily or weekly horse riding regime? Do you get stuck riding endless circles and feel as though you have no set path on how to achieve your goals as an equestrian? Well…it is a common problem many horse riders all over the country have asked me to help them with.

Here you will find a number of training programs to help you improve your connection, feel and balance as a horse rider while simultaneously providing your horse with a fun way to build their own physical fitness and strength.

Free Sample Poles Program

Using only six poles this program demonstrates the level of instruction provided in the Poles Training Programs. Each program consists of –

  • Digital sketch of pattern
  • Set up instructions
  • Distances to set poles apart for various sizes of horses in all paces used for each pattern.
  • Multiple lines to train the one pattern.
  • Lesson plans on how to ride each line.
  • Instructions on how to gain the most from each pattern.
  • How to scale the exercises up to be more difficult or a higher intensity.
  • Common problems to avoid.

Click the link below to access your FREE training program…

Tailored Training Programs

This is Greg.. A giant Warmblood I broke in for a client. Do you want results like this…??? Are you chasing goals and trying to transform your horse into his or her own best version…??? Then let me help you!!

If you are having issues with something in particular and struggling to think of exercises to help, you can contact me to discuss. Whether you want a poles pattern designed to help work on a specific issue, or require a five day, six week or twelve week program. Whatever your needs are I can help you. Flick me an email from my Homepage and tell me all about what you need help with!

Prices for training programs –

  • One Pattern Poles Program – $27.50
  • 5 days (Includes video critique) – $150
  • 6 week – $750
  • 12 week – $1500

Poles Training Programs Ready to Download

Do you need some ideas to diversify your training routine?

Are you sick of riding endless circles?

Need a lesson on how to ride a poles pattern?

Are you confused as to why you can’t make it around the pattern of poles like you’re supposed to?

Then let me help you with all of those issues right here….

Contact me via amanda@amlequestriancoaching.com to place an order on a program that suits you.

Developing strong, sound, happy horses for over 22 years.

“Noddy”… my $750 birthday present when I turned 13. Noddy and I went from 5 year old ex-race horse and 13 year old kid to training under Olympic coaches and competing at 2* Eventing by the time I was 19. Still haven’t had a horse as good as him…20 years on..