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Six Week Rider Balance Challenges!

What is the Six Week Rider Balance Challenge?

Well… it was developed to help riders correct and strengthen their horse riding positions. I had more and more horse riders attending my poles clinics with weak and unbalanced positions. The reasons for their lack of balance or incorrect position varied. Sometimes it was due to injury, some physical restriction, time out of the saddle or purely the development of bad habits over a long period of time.

I was also breaking in an retraining a lot of horses through the lockdowns in Covid and found myself having to correct the horse owners position, technique and feel on their handover rides. I train the horses to go off the seat and leg, so when their owners were weak through these areas and balanced on their hands, it upset/confused the horse to the point I really needed to come up with a system I could refer horse riders to use when I wasn’t able to coach them on a daily basis.

The first group of horse riders for the AML Six Week Rider Balance Challenge kicked off earlier in the year. Those who committed to the programs, following the daily routines for five days of the week… REALLY nailed it!! I think even I was surprised at how well the program worked for these ladies.

I’ve had another two groups through since and they have all kicked goals achieving a much improved position with the extra bonus of having their horses work better with a happier attitude. Some of the participants have gone back over their programs from start to finish a second and third time, just to have that constant guide, a training “road map” of what to school their horses each day, to continue improving.

The program was originally only available in a PDF, so riders could have a written training program of what to follow. This has now expanded into audio files too!! I have found my last two riders to really benefit from having the programs in an audio format where they can listen to the instructions while they ride. It’s made it easier for them to remember what they have to train, while they’re training it.

The results you see in the before and afters are done without ONE SINGLE in person lesson. Some of my equestrians come from all corners of Victoria who are unable to access regular in-person lessons. This program has given them access to top quality coaching without having to leave their own properties.

The Six Weeks are progressive, starting with two intensive weeks of reprogramming muscle memory for the rider to correct their positions. The following four weeks consist of exercises that consolidate and strengthen the riders new improved position while also improving the training methods and schedule of their horse.

I have two versions of the AML Six Week Rider Balance Challenge available for download. The first one is for the “Beginner to Novice Rider”. This is for someone who either hasn’t been riding for a long period of time or has had a fair amount of time out of the saddle. The second version is “Preparing For Competition”. This program is for the rider who is already riding multiple times a week, seeks to improve on their competition results and find a better connection with their horse.

Both versions are available for download from the AML Horse & Rider Training App which is available on both digital and android devices. The App has the functions for you to track your progress to help keep you accountable for your training.

Below are some of the best results achieved using the AML Six Week Rider Balance Challenge.

Mel and Doc..
Carolyn and Noddy
Sara and Elvis

If you have any questions about the AML Six Week Rider Balance Challenge, please don’t hesitate to reach out and send me a message!

Happy Riding Everyone..

Amanda Lewer

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